Cress UK partners with Hay Fever Brand HayMax

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Cress UK partners with Hay Fever Brand HayMax

Posted on: February 18th 2021    •    Posted in: Company News

Cress UK is delighted to confirm partnership with HayMax, the brand responsible for the popular allergen barrier balm for hay fever, pet, and dust allergy sufferers.

Cress will manage all warehousing and fulfilment of the brand, and with our 14 strong Sales Partner team, the team will focus and develop the long-established British brand specifically within independents and enabling further expansion in other countries.

HayMax is an organic allergen barrier balm that works by trapping pollen before it gets in the body. Each person can tolerate a certain amount of pollen in their body without reaction. But when this amount is exceeded, an allergic reaction occurs, resulting in common hay fever symptoms such as sneezing, a runny nose, a blocked nose, itchy, watery, streaming, or swollen eyes, and itchy nose and throat. HayMax keeps the sufferer below their trigger level for longer.

Dominic Holmes, Cress Director, comments, “’Cress is delighted to be working with HayMax. We have admired this brand, with its clever and unique product range, for a long time and we are excited at being able to introduce this to our stockists.

Our knowledgeable and enthusiastic Sales Partners, spread all across the country, will be able to offer advice and help retailers with the product range, merchandising and point of sale; as well as sharing the unique selling points of the HayMax products with consumers.”

If you are an Independent Health Store or Pharmacist and would like to find out more information on the range and how we can support you, please do get in touch. or speak with your Sales Partner directly.


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