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Cress Ltd is a specialist company providing products services and information on the supplement, natural remedy and health food market in the UK.

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Cress UK

Cress Ltd is a specialist company providing products, services and information to the supplement, natural remedy and health food market in the United Kingdom. As the level of science and investment increases over time, our company offers different types of services for companies wishing to launch a range or export into the United Kingdom.

Cress Ltd was started by Dominic and Annabel Holmes with Raj Vora at Revital in October 2003. The business was set up to distribute natural products into the Health Food and Pharmacy Sectors in the UK. In 2007, Dominic and Annabel took over the company but continued to supply Revital.

Originally the company was based from home. In March 2016 it moved to a new 1,000 square foot premises in Clare and then it moved again in November 2018 to a 3,000 square foot bespoke warehouse and marketing office at Baythorne near Haverhill.

Cress Ltd today has grown into a nationwide team of professional sales partners supported by brand management and an established warehouse and logistics operation.

Specialist Consultancy Service

Why use natural health products?

Many more people are discovering the benefits of using natural health products, many of which are Vegan and/or Organic, to complement a healthy lifestyle. Natural health products sit well alongside a healthy immune system and their use can contribute to long term health. We also stock a large range of natural skin care products to keep your outer body as glowing as the inside.

Growing Demand and Distribution

Cress sales partners are nearly all, either nutritionists, naturopaths, or herbalists.

They are uniquely placed to train staff in-store have a high degree of knowledge of the products that they sell in-store and use them themselves.

The sales partners are backed up by our business development managers and sales agents who gain distribution for us in-store.

In health food stores, our sales partners are able to effectively explain through presenting science, why their brands are better than others. We work closely with pharmacy and health food magazines to create brand awareness for the consumer.

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