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Everything for the well-being of the feet. Foot care products, supplies and information about dry cracked feet, diabetic foot care and sore feet.

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GEHWOL is a foot care range that was originally developed in 1868. It was designed for chiropodists and is the leading independent foot care brand in Germany.

Feet last a lifetime. If you consider the distances you travel with them and how often they carry you, you will realise the importance of taking care of your feet. GEHWOL products are built on thorough research, experience and the use of herbal extracts with the aim to make you feel better.

Whether sore from running a marathon, blistered from wearing shoes that are too tight, or cracked and dry from normal wear and tear, our feet have the ability to bring on an enormous amount of pain, discomfort and embarrassment. Each GEHWOL product represents a remedy for, or a relief of, problems you can encounter with your feet. Even better, it may help prevent you from walking into trouble!

Most GEHWOL products are suitable for use by diabetics without restrictions; look for the ‘Suitable for Diabetics’ logo.

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