Grahams Launches Medical Devices into the UK

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Grahams Launches Medical Devices into the UK

Posted on: March 15th 2019    •    Posted in: Products

The launch of Grahams Medical Devices into the UK has resulted in a new sector opening up for people who are looking for a natural solution for their skin concerns.

The Grahams range was formed, from Owner, Geoff Graham’s own personal, lifelong Eczema experience and suffering. His is a family‚Äôs story, of a desperate & passionate need to create a natural and effective solution to treat his son’s eczema. What was created was a range of natural, effective and clinically tested ingredients, that effectively treated the Eczema condition.

Since this time, Grahams have spent 17 years formulating products with only the highest quality natural ingredients to effectively treat a variety of different types of skin problems.

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