pH Balance - The Weight Loss Buddy


If you are feeling fatigued in general, or following dieting and detoxing, it could be due to an overload of acid in the body. For optimum health, the body’s pH levels need to be around 7.35, but a diet rich in acid-forming foods such as sugar, wheat, dairy and meat can throw this off kilter. 


How pH Balance can help


Available in either capsules or powder form, pH Balance contains carbonate salts which have an alkalising effect and can help to neutralise the build-up of acid in the body.

Acidic ions also collect around fat cells and when these break down – through dieting or during detox – a flux of free fatty acids can be released, leading the body to become more acidic often leading to tiredness and fatigue. So, taking pH Balance while following a healthy diet and exercise programme can really help while you look to change your diet to include more alkaline forming fruits and vegetables. If you would like help in changing your diet, contact Cress and we will put you in touch with a nutritionist.

pH Balance is available as a 100g Powder at RRP £14.95 and as 100 tablets at RRP £15.95. Both contain pH test strips so you can test your pH whilst taking it.

Please click here to purchase pH Balance at the £3.00 off RRP pack price.