Gehwol Foot Cream

Gehwol Foot Cream


An essential for marathon runners and hikers!

For strained feet and highly stressed skin. Prevents sores and blisters.

Gerlachs Gehwol Foot Cream prevents aching feet, sores, blisters, soreness and chafing.

It has an anti-inflammatory effect, prevents athletes foot, and brings the activity of the perspiratory glands back to a normal level.

The cream eliminates foot odour and other side effects of excessive foot perspiration.  Gehwol Foot Cream strengthens the skin and makes it resistent.

Protects amputation stumps, and hands during strong strain.  In addition, the foot cream offers protection against cold feet and frostbite.

Directions for use :

Apply a 1mm thick layer of Gehwol Footcream before running or hiking.


Wear thick stockings or running socks.


Soothe your feet afterwards with Gehwol Refreshing Balm or for intensive remedial treatment, try Gehwol Foot Bath followed by Gehwol Refreshing Balm.

Ingredients :

Nutritional Information :

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