Dried Organic Lettuce Seaweed

Dried Organic Lettuce Seaweed


Directions for use :

Nature: Dressing in salads. Toasted: Baking and crushing in a mortar as condiment. Boiling: In soups, creams, croquettes, scrambled, vegetable soups and pie. As garnish dishes of fish or shellfish. To wrap up rice with fish raw or marinated: Japanese green sushi.

PREPARATION Hydrated: Submerge in water with a little salt during 5 minutes. When it is hydrated, it increases 4 times its weight in dried.Cooking: Cook during 5 minutes.  

Ingredients :

Organic Sea Lettuce

Nutritional Information :

High content in Fibre and protiens. Low content of fat. Rich source of minerals and vitamins

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