Rexcure Organic Goodies Body Care

Rexcure Organic Goodies Face and Body Care Rexcure is a truly “clean” cosmetic range as it is free from all the nasty’s that should not be piled on to your skin. Free from chemicals, parabens, hormone disruptors, colouring, perfume, silicone and hydrolyzed wheat protein. What’s more is that Rexcure cosmetics won’t disrupt your skins natural acid mantle such as other cosmetics, and uses basil and parsley used traditionally in herbal medicine. Together this synergetic combination supports optimal skin sebum production being ideal for all skin types. Free from fragrance and essential oils which are skin irritants which means even the most sensitive skin can benefit from our Rexcure Range. Rexcure is all about caring for beautiful things, yourself and the environment.