MacUrth Natural Organic haircare/sun screen

Mac Urth means Son of the Earth and is a reflection of the thoughts of one of Europe’s top formulators of shampoos and conditioners. His philosophy is simple that Mac Urth should be Fair-Trade, Organic and involve Ethical Living. All the ingredients are organic and completely natural, they hold together as a pyramid of molecules: If you remove one ingredient, the whole pyramid would fall apart. The base for the shampoos is coconut – The third generation base for natural shampoos. The coconuts are from sustainable family plantations in Malasia where the money goes back in the community and trees are replanted in established forests. Coconut based shampoos are far better made than laurel and laurel and corn starch based ones. Mac Urth Classic ingredients simply include the Fragrance to provide wonderful smelling hair, with just plants and sea salt. The formulations are soft on the hair and you only need a little amount to go a long way.