Apiar is our range based on the well-kept secret of the bees to protect their beehive from exterior enemies: the superfood resin Propolis. This widely researched, immune nourishing resin has been attributed to the overall good health of beekeepers throughout history. Our Propolis is blended with essential oils to enhance its synergestic value. Our products have been designed for the support of general immune health, digestion and skin. Antiviral and antifungal, this is natureís own gut friendly antibiotic minus the side- effects.


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Rhinophase Syrup 125ml   Code:API/RHISIR   

The Holmes family is never without this amazing super syrup to hand - everyone from the grandparents to the youngest of our children appreciates the instantly soothing sensation. The syrup contains a combination of concentrated Red Propolis, with Rosemary, Eucapyptus radiata and Eucalyptus smithii. It can be stirred into hot honey and lemon for an extra comforting experience.


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Pulmophase Syrup 125ml   Code:API/PULSIR   

Pulmophase contains concentrated brown propolis with rosmary, eucaluptus radiata, eucapyptus globulus and eucalyptus smithii in an acacia honey base.

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